Prices from November 2023 to December 2024

The Villa is rented entirely and not single rooms.

These prices are up to 14 persons:

Period A :
May, October,
from 1/10 to 15/10
Euro per week
Period B :
June, September,
Euro per week
Period C:
July August
Euro per week
Period D:
October from
16/10 to 31/10
Euro per week

During the Christmas and New Year period, which goes from 22/12/2023 to 02/01/2024 included, the minimum stay requirement is 3 nights.
Christmas period from 22/12/23 to 29/12/23 (included) 1,650.00 €/day - 11,550 €/week.
New Year period from 29/12/23 to 02/01/24 (inclusive) 1,950.00 €/day - 13,650 €/week.
Easter week: 10.230 €.
Each additional person over the expected 14 will pay €55.00 per day per person, up to a maximum of 26 beds, regardless of the number of days they will spend with respect to the entire group booking.
Cleaning is provided twice a week and consists of cleaning the bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor.
Final cleaning 450.00 €.
Electricity included up to 35 kwh per day, over 0.60 € per kwh.
Heating: 140 € per day
Tourist tax: 2 € per day per person aged 14 and over, for the first 10 days of stay.
Deposit: 1500 Euro which will be returned to you after check out.

Extra services:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner in Villa with chef
  • Yoga lesson
  • Cooking lesson
Catering service for parties and events: a professional catering service completes the offer with various solutions.

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